Overview Review: Artemis Lupine

Series Name: Artemis Lupine
By: Catherine Banks
Number of books in series: 4 (only three currently published)

Artemis’s life is changed forever when the mysterious man from her dreams, Ares, comes to claim her as his mate. The seventeen year old girl must find a way to adapt to her true life and accept her fate or run from it. She must overcome her fears and human ideals to give her self to the dangerous world, and man, that is her destiny.

Review of Book 1: Song of the Moon

 What can I say? I loved it. Everything about it. Werewolves have been taken to the next level of amazingness! 
I’m pretty sure I grinned like a psychotic manic through a good portion of this book. Or laughed like one. Although I don’t usually like the whole pack scene…I loved this one! They all slept together. Not like that-get your head out of the gutter!! Then there was the whole playful puppy thing in the limo…
It also has a whole mystery vibe going through the entire book (well at least until the Vampire thing happened) You kept wondering ‘whats her other half’ And I did. AND IN THE END O.O Goodness, I was all like…no this is like a scary movie. Do not stray from the group! Stay with the group! YOUR NOSE LIES!!! And then I though () was gonna rip () head off. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book!!!!
I liked how the writing was not rushed at all. Near the end there was a lot of loose ends to tie up and they ended up perfectly…well almost. This book leaves you on a definite cliff hanger!

Review of Series

I love the series thus far. The author was kind enough to grant me these books in exchange for an honest review. YAY(:  This is a collection of short books (approx 100 pages each) and none of them felt rushed at all!!! *applause* I love the love interests in these books. Their characters are described very well and very thoroughly. I felt like I really knew each of them. What happened at the end of the second book (no I’m not telling you, read it for yourself) left me majorly freaked out. And then what happened at the end of the third…..I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. 

I felt like the cliffhangers were very good for making the reader want to read the next book, but they felt a little forced. I gave the first two books 3.5-4 stars and then the third one 3 stars. The cliffhanger on that one is very good, I just don’t like it when authors throw a baby in the mix. Sorry, I just don’t. Well, I guess I do sometimes. It just depends on the book. *shrugs*

In the beginning of each new book, it starts out with the last chapter from the previous book. I’ve never seen this before, but I really liked it. I frequently forget what happened in the previous book and usually end up having to re read (not that I mind, but once you get a new book, you kinda just want to read it) the previous book. 

I look forward to reading the last book in the series ( published this year). This is gonna be good :3 I do hope that the lest book will be longer than the first three. I would like to see more action. Please? 

Honorable Quote
 “A dance club? Why don’t you just stab me in the eye with this fork?” 

Overall Series Rating: 3.5



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