Update: My Life & a Beauty and the Beast Rant

Well hello there my lovely little readers. I just feel like doing an update, in case you’re wondering.

First and foremost, my life.

1. I’m getting a new computer!!! Yay!  It’s about time because let me tell you, mine sounds like there’s a cat and a chainsaw dancing inside it.
2. I’m doing a giveaway of The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter starting 7/25/2013 !!! Yay!
3. I’ve recently had a movie day. And when I say recently I mean yesterday. I watched Mulan, Pride and Prejudice, and Beauty and the Beast. Fun stuff. I love Belle, I mean hello! Fellow bibliophile in the midst. And that library!!! O.O But Prince Adam (beast) in human form is a little girly…or is it just me? Belle and Adam look kinda alike……
4. I just ordered these amazingly cute ballet flats from modcloth.com : Flats

Nice. This is all good stuff.

Okay I just have to elaborate on the whole Beauty and the Beast thing:

I mean COME ON! He’s supposed to be a prince! Weren’t you expecting a royal heart breaker? A whole ‘nother level of hotness? I don’t know…manly? Yes, he has a rather large back and big arms..but that could very well be the shirt which used to fit the Beast. For all we know he’s seriously wimpy and liked to wear puffy shirts. *shrugs*

They just look so alike….. Well I guess we know what their kid is gonna look like.

Ok, enough of saying how girly Adam is.

Recently Reviewed:
Losing it by Cora Carmack
When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle
Crow’s Row by Julie Hockley

And then here’s some pictures cuz I do what I want:

Oh, you guys all of these are from my Pinterest boards, which y’all should really check out. Just sayin.

Music you should listen to:

Painting Flowers: All Time Low
YouTube Music
Pandora Music

That’s all for today folks!



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