Courtney Cole {Interview}

ebook, 220 pages
Published February 5th 2013 by Lakehouse Press
ISBN13: 2940016249308 


24-year old Pax Tate is an asshole.

He’s a tattooed, rock-hard bad-boy with a bad attitude to match.

But he’s got his reasons.

His mother died when Pax was seven, leaving a hole in his heart filled with guilt although he doesn’t understand why. What he does know is that he and his dad are left alone and with more issues than they can count.

As Pax grew up, he tried to be the kid his father always wanted; the perfect golden boy, but it didn’t work. His dad couldn’t overcome his grief long enough to notice and Pax couldn’t keep up the impossible perfect façade.
So he slipped far, far from it.

Now, he uses drugs and women to cope with the ugliness, the black void that he doesn’t want to deal with. If he pretends that the emptiness isn’t there, then it isn’t, right?

And it’s never more apparent than when he meets Mila.
Sweet, beautiful Mila Hill is the fresh air to his hardened frown, the beauty to his ugly heart. He doesn’t know how to not hurt her, but he quickly realizes that he’s got to figure it out because he needs her to breathe.

When memories of his mother’s death resurface from where he’s repressed them for so long, Mila is there to catch him when the guilt starts making sense. Mila is the one…the one who can save him from his broken troubled heart; from his issues, from the emptiness.

But only if he can stop being an asshole long enough to allow it.

He knows that. And he’s working on it.

But is that enough to make her stay?


Let’s meet the author!

Courtney Cole and I sat down after browsing an amazing bookstore, Barter Books.
1.     What’s your favorite band/ song?  
Hmm. I don’t have any one favorite. I have eclectic taste, and I go from one thing to the other.  Right now, I’m listening to Franz Ferdinand a lot.
2.     How did the idea for If You Stay come about?  
I wrote If You Stay because someone close to me used drugs as a coping mechanism.  As I was pondering what might make a person do that, I remembered a news story I’d heard years ago about a mother, a son and an intruder.  In real life, the mother and son got away, but I started to wonder what would’ve become of the son if his mother had died in front of him.  I decided that he would want to live in oblivion.  And this is how Pax’s story was born.

3.     What is your favorite character you have brought to life?  
Luca Minaldi from my series the Minaldi Legacy.  I love him.  Dark, tortured, complex and sexy as hell.   Although, I have to say— Dominic Kinkaide, the main character from my work-in-progress (Before We Fall) is pretty awesome.  I’m sure I’ll be in love with him before this book is done.  My heart is a fickle thing….
4.     Would you rather eat chocolate or caramel for the rest of your life?  
Chocolate. Hand’s down!  Was that a real question?  Lol.  
5.     If you were stuck on a deserted island, which of these things would you want to have with you and why?:  A strawberry scented candle, a book, fish food, a pineapple rind or a spoon?   Hmm.  Interesting question. 
 I would say fish food– so that I could feed the fish and get them to come close enough to me so that I could spear one with a sharpened stick.  Which I would have to sharpen with my teeth, because I wouldn’t have a knife.  Then I’d have to eat the fish with my hands, caveman style.  I’m gonna hope I don’t get shipwrecked.  Unless it was with Alex Pettyfer.  (Hells to the yes. Alex Pettyfer.)
~Ebook or paperback?  I love them both.  I love the ease of reading on an ereader– but I love paperbacks when I’m soaking in the tub.  🙂 
~Cats or dogs?  I have both, but I have to say that I’m probably more partial to cats, especially my cat Cleocatra. We call her Ninja because she has ninja skills.  
~Fried or grilled chicken?  Fried.  I prefer everything fried.  Hehe.  
Courtney Cole is a novelist who would eat mythology for breakfast if she could. She has a degree in Business, but has since discovered that corporate America is not nearly as fun to live in as fictional worlds. She loves chocolate and roller coasters and hates waiting and rude people.
Courtney lives in quiet suburbia, close to Lake Michigan, with her real-life Prince Charming, her ornery kids (there is a small chance that they get their orneriness from their mother) and a small domestic zoo.


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