Let’s Talk About Life Changing Books: A Bibliophile’s Rambling

Everyone has them. You know that one book that made something really sink in for you. Something that made you realize something. Does it have to have had made you a better person? Not necessarily. It just has to have made you think. Preferably about something important.

For me this book is Second Chance by Katie Kacvinsk

 Can two drastically different, imperfect people be perfect for each other?

It’s been four months since Gray and Dylan have seen each other. Dylan’s been traveling in Europe, while Gray has college, baseball, and a life rooted in one place. Gray’s determined to forget Dylan, the girl he fell in love with in First Comes Love. Besides, how do you make a relationship work with an independent loner?

Just when he decides he’s over her, Dylan makes an unexpected entrance back into his life, hoping their steamy romance can start right where it left off. Gray realizes you can tell your mind to do one thing, but you can’t always convince your heart to follow. Dylan realizes she finally has to make a choice between freedom and her relationship with Gray.

Hilarious, intense, inspiring, and emotional, Second Chance shows that love is a journey, and there are never clear road signs or maps to guide you along. You can only navigate with your heart.


You’ve all probably heard me talk about this book at one point or another. But, I don’t think I’ve really told you the why. Here’s the truth: I don’t even know. 

Something about this book made me want to laugh and grin and travel and be loved and in love like no other book. It hold a place in my heart- a section carved out almost like it was made to be there. This book reminded me that everything is broken and everything can be fixed. It reminded me that there is love in letting go and hope hidden in pain.  

This cover is the exception to my judge a book by its cover rule. It’s nothing special and if I could redesign it I would. 

Just thinking about this book makes me smile. Thinking about it is like seeing a friend again after a long time, it gives me the much needed air I didn’t know I wanted. 

Dylan’s voice is just so real and raw and she speaks to me. All through the books, it’s like she’s in my head. 

I don’t highlight books, but in this book there are so many quotes I want etched into my heart. Here are a few:

“You’re my nova. You light me up.”
 “All around the room I’m reminded of love, so why do I feel like its being yanked out from under my feet?”  
 “Don’t they know its in my anatomy to fly?”
 “I learned that the heart, our most vital organ, turns out to be our weakest link. It’s scary to think something so necessary to sustain us, protected in a cradle of ribs and flesh and muscles, is so fragile, so easily broken.”
“When you stop being yourself who do you become?” 

 “The faintest trail of memories will always be there like a map scarred into your mind.”
“I hope you find your constant sun” 
 “Reserved for Dreamers” 

My playlist after I read it:

The Cab- Endlessly
Hedley- Kiss You Inside Out
Relient K- Be My Escape 
A Day to Remember- If it Means A Lot To You
Snow Patrol- Set Fire to the Third Bar
All American Rejects-  I Wanna
Sleeping with Sirens- Who Are You Now
~new song I added to it~
Ron Pope- 7 English Girls
Ron Pope-  You’re the Reason I Come Home


So what’s the book that changed you? Care to share?




5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Life Changing Books: A Bibliophile’s Rambling

  1. I don't think I have heard you rave about this book because I don't recall seeing it before but it does sound like the kind of book I would really like. I love how you can read a book and you LOVE everything about it and for no particular reason just because it's THAT good you know. For me it's often all about the characters and ow much I GET them or not. I'll definitely add this one on my TBR list!


  2. Eeeps!! That's totally what this book was. I don't even really know what it was but it did something to me ans its kind of amazing and wonderful. For me it's usually about characters also. Dylan, the main girl in this, it was like she was in my head and she knew all my hopes and wants and she felt my fear and my hope. Honestly, I was beyond amazed.
    Happy reading


  3. Why thank you <3 This is more of a rant- I did a real review for this one a few months back!! So happy I got you to want to read it <3 Enjoy!!
    Happy reading


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