2014 Blogging and Bookish Resolutions

So here’s the thing: I’m not this huge blog. I’m a blog just shy of 300 followers and a blog with a lot of room for improvement. When I started this blog I was completely clueless. (please don’t look at my early review. they’re hideous.) I want to be a blog with a little bit of everything, but relate that everything to books- the music, traveling, fashion and food. I love it all. I’ve stolen some memes like Book Look but when I travel I’m going to write a little post about everything and then showcase a few books that have that place as a setting-like Paris + Anna and the French Kiss. Then for food, how does making food from books sounds? Awesome right…I’m hoping one of my friends can help me with that one because I am incapable of cooking or baking or whatever. I like eating. And I can totally make a soundtrack for books. I do that anyway.

I want to do more giveaways. I will do more giveaways. God knows I hoard signed stuff. Sound good?

I need to be more social. I am practically the hermit of the blogging world. I hide in the safety of books when I made a blog to talk about books. Oh the irony. So I shall be more social.

This is going to sound insanely strange coming from me, but I want to write in books. I want to underline the quote I think are worth saving. Maybe it will be a green highlighter or a bright blue pen.

I want to go to more conferences and bookish events and signings and such. Since apparently I’m too young for BEA, I’ll just travel the US searching for book events…now as for that car dilemma…..

I want to read more classics like Jane Eyre and The Great Gatsby and Persuasion. Any more suggestions y’all?

I want to take pretty pictures of pairings of books and drinks and treats like a lot of bloggers and bookish people do.

I would love more comments people! So that’s why I’ll be doing more discussions post in the New Year and I hope y’all will come out of those shells and talk to me.

I’m going to make an effort to actually comment on the posts I read (I swear I actually read a lot of posts I just forget to comment..oops?)

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Anything else? Is there anything I missed guys? 


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