Travel Journal: Alaska


Thanks to the lovely writing form OUT OF PLAY, Alaska has made my must-see destination list. But not in the winter. Summer. Sun all day, right? AND THERE’S A MIDNIGHT SUN WHAT. Sorry, I was doing some research and, well, that popped up. Cool huh?

My grandparents went there for a little while and came back with such cool stories about the wildlife and the scenery and the FOOD. I love food. Mmmm. Food. I think if I went I’d stay at a lodge or one of those Bed and Breakfast things. I’ve always wanted to stay in one of those.

Also, I would go on a cruise. And what in the world is a kittiwake?  If anyone can answer that question, leave it in the comments.

If you could go anywhere in the USA, where would you go? 


2 thoughts on “Travel Journal: Alaska

  1. Alaska has been on my travel radar for a while, I know someone who went on a cruise and land trip last year and loved it. I know it isn't the USA, but my next trip will hopefully be spent hiking through the Canadian Rockies for two weeks this September. My favorite USA place I have been so far and would definitely go back to is Sedona, AZ. Gorgeous landscape and great hiking.


  2. That sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! You'll have to tell me ALL about it! I've never been to Arizona but it's on m Wanderlust list xD Thanks for stopping by!
    Happy reading


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