ARC Review: Catch a Falling Star

Catch a Falling Star by Kim Culbertson
April 29, 2014: Scholastic Press
Thank you Netgalley and publisher for giving me the chance to review this novel!
Genres: Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary


A deliciously charming novel about finding true love . . . and yourself.

Nothing ever happens in Little, CA. Which is just the way Carter Moon likes it. But when Hollywood arrives to film a movie starring former child star turned PR mess Adam Jakes, everything changes. Carter’s town becomes a giant glittery set and, much to her annoyance, everyone is starry-eyed for Adam. Carter seems to be the only girl not falling all over herself to get a glimpse of him. Which apparently makes her perfect for the secret offer of a lifetime: playing the role of Adam’s girlfriend while he’s in town, to improve his public image, in exchange for a hefty paycheck. Her family really needs the money and so Carters agrees. But it turns out Adam isn’t at all who she thought he was. As they grow closer, their relationship walks a blurry line between what’s real and what’s fake, and Carter must open her eyes to the scariest of unexplored worlds – her future. Can Carter figure out what she wants out of life AND get the guy? Or are there no Hollywood endings in real life?

I wanted something real yet magical. I wanted something that gave me a sense of hope. I wanted something fresh and raw and real. And what could be more real than falling in love with a celebrity? I’m kidding! Sort of. I didn’t expect to resonate with the emotions and thoughts and actions that Carter said or did or felt but I did.
She has the same problems and fears that a lot of teenagers have: the fear of leaving, being away from home. The fear of being forgotten. The fear of change. I mean there are a lot of teens who can’t wait to get out of the town they’ve been stuck in. But I’m a homebody. And this one struck a chord with me that I really didn’t expect. Carter’s emotions for one, the need to save everyone, the fear of failing, I could totally relate to that and for me, that made this book kind of amazing.
Let’s talk about our two main characters and Carter’s amazing friends. Carter and her friend’s relationship was amazing. Her two best friends are dating. There’s something they all love: stars. The night sky and all the metaphors in this book amazed me. The way the blog posts related to their lives. They way that the sun and the atmosphere and just the universe in general was all linked back to their own lives never ceased to amazed me. I loved it all. What can I say? I love the sky. Then we have own movie star who starts out as a jerk but then turns out to be a HUGE teddy bear. But even teddy bears have issues and need to put their big boy pants on every once in a while.
I loved how real their characters all are, down to her gambling-addicted brother and down- to- earth parents. Everything, even the movie and acting roles felt like something that could happen. This book felt like hope.
This novel is constructed with fake roles and real feelings. It’s a mash up of choreographed kisses and romantic tours. Catch a Falling Star is a story stuffed with secrets and fears and two people- who are ultimately star crossed- trying to figure out where they belong in the world.  This book is a mash up of real problems, real people and is basically the definition of self- discovery.
In total, this book was a pleasant surprise. Also that title is perfect. Catch a falling star, but who’s the one falling? And who really needs to be saved?

See you tonight, under the sky. 

So how do y’all feel about this whole falling for a movie star thing? I see it coming up more and more in the young adult novels, especially. Even just the whole Hollywood theme in general. So what do y’all think? Good or bad? 

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