ARC Review: Love’s Paradox

Love’s Paradox by Laura Kreitzer
Published May 5, 2014
Thank you NetGalley and Publisher
Stalked by her abusive ex-fiancé, Rae Zachery retaliates by singing karaoke and spilling all their dirty secrets to the entire bar. When her ex attempts to silence her brazen performance, sexy, leather-clad Parker comes to her rescue and soundly punches her ex in the face. As valiant as that may be, Rae finds Parker’s violent assistance unsettling, yet she can’t help but be drawn to him and his tragic past.

Fighting her attraction for Parker is a battle Rae can’t win, and soon their night of sharing secrets morphs into an undeniable bond. But fate won’t so easily relinquish her grip on their happily-ever-after. Instead of blissfully skipping into obscurity, Rae and Parker are subjected to her ex-fiancé’s vicious proclivities. Who knew love could hurt so good?

I’m here to say that I went into this book (a book that left my heart in knots and soul aching) with absolutely no expectation. Why is that? The cover is what makes me want to read a book; even more than the synopsis does. If the cover is gorgeous, the story should be good too, right? Well, that theory is really not necessarily true, but what can I say? I’m a sucker for pretty things. Back to the point: I don’t like this cover. The whole purple overshadow on everything looks moody and a tad bit odd. Especially since the guy on the cover already doesn’t match what I saw in my head for our motorcycle- riding bad boy with a major hero’s complex.  The cover needs to be prettier. But maybe it not being stunning works in it’s favor? I mean I freaking adore this book. It has action and emotion and finding yourself. It has all the reasons I love the New Adult genre so much.
Love’s Paradox is about Rae and her sonofabeep EX- fiancée. She’s being stalked by him after being mentally and physically abused by him. One day while with her band of misfits (her too-hot-to-handle with a questionable job best guy friend and her wacky hair stylist best girl friend with a possessive girlfriend) she sings at the bar- well more like preforms- and grabs the attention of her EX and her savior, Parker. *fans self wildly and unintentionally slaps self in face* Through this lovely book we see Rae’s fear, we see her bravery, we see her cope and we see her break. But, more than any of that, we see her learn to acknowledge what has happened. We see her learn to live again. Rae was never weak. Would a weak person tweet her location to a stalking ex and then sing a song she knows will send him over the edge? Okay, maybe that’s a little self- destructive. . .
What did I love in this book?
–          I loved the self- discovery. She knew herself before, but she didn’t know how to put herself first. This book showed that you are not the victim. It showed that she could live. It showed that people can change, if they choose to. It showed her love of cooking and how she should do that if she show chooses. Love’s Paradox showed that you have to do what makes you happy and that other peoples happiness are not based on what you do, how you act. This book showed that there is, indeed, an after.
–          I’m me, people. I love the love. ROMANCE. This wasn’t the normal kind though. Nope. This was the hot and heavy kind with a heavy dose of I wanna save you. Parker and Rae were like the sun and the mood. Seemingly unattainable with the barrier driving them apart, that barrier being the EX fiancée, but when they were together, the whole world fell into an eclipse. It was gorgeous. Though there was one moment where I wanted to wring Parker’s neck, but besides that, everything was cool and dandy with a dash of insanity. *grins*
–          The way the EX fiancée was portrayed. And by that I mean a beephole. Hehehe. He was the true definition of ‘not all there.’ He would hurt her, say she would blame it on him (see the problem with that statement), and then start bawling like a two year old and hug her. It was a vicious cycle that was getting worse and worse. It was ultimately going to lead to her death. Her life was literally hanging by a thread. I feel so bad for Rae. Also I wane rip that sucker’s head clean off then shove it where the sun don’t shine. *growls menacingly*
–          The music aspect was absolutely gorgeous. Listen to Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks and you’ll understand everything.
–          The moms!!! You might not get Parker’s mom at first but she is her own personal shade of awesome. And Rae’s mom is amazing.
Okay folks, that’s about all I have to say about this one. I was grinning like an idiot through most of it (oh how I hate reading in public. I get funny stares) and then cringing through some of it. It’s worth the read and the time and y’all get a copy!
The music choice in this book was rather wonderful. But the core of this book was abuse and how it’s NOT THE VICTIM’S FAULT! Any thoughts y’all?

“That’s the paradox of love, darlin’. It can shatter you as effortlessly as it can send you over the moon.”


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