Top Ten Tuesday: Other Stories

Let’s talk other stories! This meme is hosted by these girls.

July 15:  What are some other movies / TV shows that stole your heart?

I’ll be honest, I really don’t watch a lot of TV shows or movies. But here are some of my faves. .  .

  1. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!!! The 2005 + the 1995 are my favorites. OH MR. DARCY *dramatic swwooonnn*
  2. BONES! Ohmigod, Booth and Bones. Enough said. 
  3. Criminal Minds. I don’t even know man. When I was younger it would give me nightmares but not I’m a little more than slightly addicted. 
  4. STUCK IN LOVE! It’s by the same producer as TFIOS and it’s on Netflix (you’re welcome)
  5. The Jerk Theory. I recently just watched this one and it’s really adorable. OH! It’s on Netflix too.
Sorry y’all. That’s about it. 

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