I Stalk These Sites and I Have No Regrets

Hello! We all have those websites we’re on just a little too much to be considered okay. . .right? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Sometimes, it’s the blog title that draws me in. Sometimes it’s the content. AND FINE! Sometimes it’s the pretty pictures. I mean, come on, they’re pretty.

I guess y’all want to know what all the rambling is about, yes? Fine. FINE! Here’s the list and some. . . explanation.

This girl is basically my inspiration for, like, all my art. She’s totally perfect. I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED THAT I COULDN’T GO TO HER GALLERY!!! She’s just so perfect. *sobs* Pretty pictures. . .

Her blog is called Modern Mrs. Darcy. Dude, who doesn’t want to go see her blog just because of her URL?! Her blog is mostly lifestyle and it’s so much fun to stalk!!

Cool Stuff in Paris. Do I really need to explain?

Again with the pretty pictures and girl power. Feminism at it’s finest, y’all.

MORE INSPIRATION! Jamie Lee Reardin is a fashionista and I love how she draws and paints and it’s just so pretty *stars in my eyes*

~ ~ ~

So who do you stalk? *wiggles eyebrows*


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