Books + Flowers : An Unlikely Pairing

June 9, 2015 : Henry Holt and Co
Don’t fall, Ethan scrawls in red permanent marker across the rides and signs of Sea Town. Since his brother Jason’s death, Ethan can’t let go of his big brother.
Don’t fall, Rachel reads as she prepares to dump back into the ocean the shells her brother Curtis collected. Curtis had Down syndrome, but that isn’t why he plummeted to his death from the Rock-It Roll-It Coaster.Together, Ethan and Rachel are about to discover just how far a man will go to protect his kingdom.With lyrical storytelling, Jonathan Kranz spins an irresistible tale of mystery and grief, guilt and culpability.
Why yes I do realize that the pairing isn’t overly cohesive. But I also think that it totally works. The light blue of the Mason Jar glass look a lot like the sea water and the wild flowers reflect the fair above the water in a sort of whimsical way. 
I actually kind of love it.
Those I would kill for a little bit of crimson in the bunch. That would be the divine cherry on top of the flower-and-book sundae.
So what are you thoughts? And have you read the book yet? Is it good or bad? Top of TBR worthy? And if you haven’t, isn’t the summary just so intriguing? 


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