Me, In Real Life


Okay, y’all have been with me through the thick and thin. (thanks for all the twitter love + happy wishes for the real world experiences)

When I began this book blog as a high school fishy, I never imagined that it would amount to all the opportunities I’ve been to gifted to have. Thanks to this lovely community of people I adore I’ve been in books, met and talked with the laughed with authors who I’m now happy to call my friends, met my New Adult buddies who’ve recc’d some killer reads, been to author events and book festivals.

I’ve even illustrated a children’s book with one of my closest and best friends.

I’ve interned with HelloFlo, working under some lovely ladies who’ve both made me a better writer.

Y’all are an awesome support group.

Anyways (no I’m not brushing away tears) (okay maybe I am a little bit) here’s to another new beginning! I hope you’ll be with me for another awesome 4 years.

The best is yet to come, babes. The best is yet to come.


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