Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo || A Playlist by Yours Truely

Y’all. I finally got my greedy paws on Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo like a week ago, and GAH. Was I ever missing out. Obviously I need Crooked Kingdom faster than you can say Kaz is a dream boat and Nina is a goddess on earth and we just need to bow down.

My darling little murderous petunia. And then, of course there is Inej who is just too good for this world. I think I’m loving the totally raw and completely brutal Grisha universe as much this time around as I did with Shadow and Bone (The Darkling, my babe. I’m still swooning over the make me your villain and until you have no other shelter but me. I know. I have issues.).

You’re probably wondering why I’m still rambling on about hot guys and gorgeous girls and world building/destroying. FINE. I’ll get to the music.

Let me know what you think on Twitter (or comment!) and suggest some mad beats of your own.

The Music

Beautiful Lies: Birdy || I feel like this song is equally Inej and Jesper in reference to why they say with Kaz after all this time, as well as Kaz to Inej. Running from yourself much? Or are we just embracing the mess that is this world?

Let’s be numb together

The Good, The Bad and The Dirty: Panic! At The Disco || AKA, How to Survive in the Dregs

If you wanna start a fight
You better throw the first punch
Make it a good one

Catch Us If You Can: Elle King || Gonna be real honest here and just say that this lyric reminds me of Wylan and Jesper. “Maybe I like you’re stupid face.” Or something like that. I feel like this relationship, should it happen, could be explosive. Fireworks, y’all. Fireworks.

If you’re a wildflower
I’m a grenade

Neon Lights: Dancing Years || This song summons of the aura of the inner workings of either Wylan or Kaz.

I pour my make-up on my face and go,
I’ll know that I’ll be alright.

Thank God for Girls: Weezer || All those stupid faces should just be grateful that they’ve got such sensible females looking out for their asses. Inej. Nina. I love y’all. (also maybe she’ll be the one giving the stab wounds. just saying.)

And tender loving kisses on your stab wounds and when you come home
She will be there waiting for you with a fire in her eyes

Lost in You: Three Days Grace || First off, I adore this song. Actually, I just adore Three Days Grace in general. Those voices. I can’t. Gorgeous. Back to this particle song inference to Six of Crows. There’s a scene in the book where I just want to scream out Kaz’s name and throw this song at him. Kind of like how I’m pretty sure Nina wants to shove these two together like PB+J. Or maybe she’s too focused on her own love life.

I told myself that it wouldn’t be so bad
But pulling away it took everything I had

Before I Die: Papa Roach || Inej praying to her Saints. Enough said. Gah, this girl. Like I said: too good for this world. I think the way she maintains her faith is stunning.

I’m begging on my knees
Is there a God to save me

Okay babes:

That’s all I’ve got. Listen to these songs on Spotify. Tell me some that you would add. Fan over all things Leigh Bardugo. Live your best life.


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