For Those Looking for a Bisexual Main Character {#Listicle}

Books from the past (pre-2017) and books from the present (post-2016) are filled with wonderful, delightful things. One of the topics that the world is becoming more aware of is the necessity of diversity and the value of seeing your face in a book. Everyone’s face is a little different: some are brown and queer, others are trans, while other’s still are disabled and in love and happy. I think tragedy is fine, but I think those who don’t see themselves quite as often also want a happily every after.

I want a happily ever after.

Granted, that may look more like this:

The following listicle showcases folks from the bisexual community. Some are even intersectional, which is actually the greatest. Some, still, are #OwnVoices. Read them all, babes. Read them all.

If you see a book you want added to my list (because it’s S U P E R short at this moment in time!), leave a comment and I’ll post it! 

Sources: Diverse Reading List 2017 | Gay YA Bisexual Masterlist |
Disclaimer: I def found these gifs on Google

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